Thermal Imaging Upgrade

Give Your Old TICs an Upgrade

Does your department have thermal imagers you’d like to upgrade? Get the latest thermal imaging technology for your department at great prices by taking advantage of our Upgrade and Trade-in Program. Determine which program is best for your department below.

Check Your TI Eligibility

Upgrade or Trade-in Program
Eligibility Check

Is the imager you'd like to replace a Bullard imager?

Do you have your TI serial number?

Enter your serial number and click "Check Upgrade Eligibility"

Does your imager meet all functional requirements?

  • Powers On
  • No major damage and produces a usable thermal image
  • For Eclipse Models only: no damage to lens
  • Manufactured after January 1, 2016
  • Model Eclipse, Eclipse LD, T3/T3Max, T4/T4Max, T4N, LDX, T3X, T4X, EcoX, QXT, and NXT

Why Use Bullard Upgrade & Trade-in Program

  • Affordable Pricing
  • A new Bullard Thermal Imager (select models)
  • Crisp 320x240 resolution
  • Transferable Features
  • 5-year Warranty
  • Easy process – keep your old imager until your new one arrives